Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge :Happily Ever After !

Aditya Chopra‘s  romantic musical, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ, 1995), distributed by Yash Raj Films,  has the distinction of being the longest running film in the hisstory of Indian Cinema. It chronicles the romance of a love struck pair who with their power of obedience and perseverance earn the blessings and approval of their respective biological originators and lead the proverbial ‘happily ever after’ life!


Amidst the breezy musical and innovative freshness we are introduced to the first generation female population who are limited to being mere orderlies to the male authoritarian figures, mirroring the prevalent societal norms. 

Happily Ever After…Really?


The second generation-foreign bred-well educated females never displayed eagerness to capitalise on the opportunity and scope at hand.  Over the years I have never managed to figure out why  Simran (Kajol) possessed such a laid back  attitude? She
  •  spends her wasting contemplating about her marriage to someone she has never met. 
  • emotionally blackmailing her father to give his consent for  Eurorail trip.
  •  doesn’t  display remote interested in pursuing a career—creative (she can pen poems) or otherwise. 
I am going to excuse Preeti (Mandira Bedi) presuming, growing up in a small village in India she was  at a disadvantageous position in comparison to her NRI cousin.
[For those who might argue that it is difficult to fight one’s way out with such a draconian father (Amrish Puri) hanging around, I say, how did Simran manage to get his nod for the rail trip and the marriage to Raj (Shahrukh Khanj), two milestone events in her life?]


Academically brilliant Chutki, suffers the collateral damage when her parents get  engrossed in santising the life of Simran and seem to undergo temporary amnesia regarding their second daughter and  her studies. Even Chutki, for some mysterious reason, is completely disinterested in figuring out what further course of action could she avail to move on with her education and future (given her parents have acted in the most immature manner)!

[ In the train scene we don’t see anything lying on the train floor once Simran packs her stuff, yet in the very next shot Raj picks up a brassiere  from the floor?   lol laugh smiley emoticon Click here to watch it ! Have you come across any such bloopers?]


Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

© Cinejuana

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