Rowdy Rathore: The Bizarro World!

Akshay Kumar‘s double bonanza offer (  Shiva & ACP Vikram Rathore) with Sonakshi Sinha in the action comedy Rowdy Rathore (2012) produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali , Ronnie Screwvala and Rajat Rawail is a good-versus-evil swashbuckler  taking place in a bizarro world which numbs the senses and assaults the grey matters!!


“Dont Angry Me!” Really??!! Experts opine that it is natural for a language to undergo change and the sms language is just reflective of the process but such cruel butchering of a language, well am not too sure rolleyes 

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Stalking, bullying and abusing language is definitely uncool!



Stalking is not my idea of romance. My conscious aware self ( especially during this time of absent social safety) cannot take it kindly when a man of dubious interests pops out of nowhere at the bus stop, the cafe, the parking lot…hat’s off to you Sonakshi ‘Paro’ Sinha for  being so naively brave !


Bullying is an offence! Period. Incorporating it in a mass consumed art form to induce laughter doesn’t neutralize its seriousness! The skewed relation between Shiva and 2G reverberates through
  • Shiva  cheating  2G where money is involved.
  • Shiva lighting a fire to the cotton bud 2G has put on his ears.
  • Shiva not allowing 2G to steal the anklet as the act might not impress Shiva’s lady love.

What’s your take on my take ?

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

© Cinejuana

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