Talaash- The Answer Lies Within: Deja Vu!

Excel Entertainment and Aamir Khan Productions‘ Talaash (2012) which screamed “The Answer Lies Within” actually relies on external forces to solve all the mysteries and turbulence of this world!  This Aamir KhanKareena Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Reema Kagti, Farhan Akhtar offering is undelightfully smeared with a sense of Deja Vu!


 Ms. Mukerji probably you took your ‘aggrieved mother-solitude struck-home-engineer’ role a tad too seriously…the constant tucking of your saree into your blouse did not indicate your careless/disinterested attitude towards life in general, rather it appeared  irritating as it brought focus on your cleavage in the most annoying fashion  ! 

Mr.Khan how about a better ‘Talaash’ next time!


The promos  had left an impression that Talaash is going to be a self-reflexive- whodunit- noir. Unfortunately (for me) it turned out to be a simple supernatural thriller (where even  personal issues need un-natural intervention to be resolved)  with  a disappointing climax resonating a certain Hollywood flick which now enjoys a cult status!    *waiting*


After his ‘crusader of the mankind’ act in Satyameva Jayate it just did not make any sense as to why  Mr. Khan had to  endorse the un/supernatural ! [Yes, am smart enough to know activism & acting are different …but still, why?]

Tell me when did you realise that something funny was going on in the film? I figured it out pretty early, when this fellow says- you two follow & we are shown three girls walking out ![Click here to see what I am referring to] razz razz

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

© Cinejuana

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