Jab Tak Hai Jaan :10 Reasons to Avoid !

The story – screenplay writer (Aditya Chopra), the research team and the editor (Namrata Rao) of Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012) must have gone into some serious logic lapse mode when they were writing / editing the movie. Story? Hmmm let me try …some random  fellow  (Shahrukh Khan)- dumped by young princes (Katrina Kaif)- goes for  another younger lassie(Anushka Sharma )- losses memory -lassie out- princess in- memory back….whatever, who cares !!!


An unshaven-shabbily dressed army officer (under ‘normal’ circumstances) is plain unacceptable  for me ! [click here and here to know more ]


Boy, we are talking about joining Indian Army and not about joining Indian National Freedom Struggle of pre-independence era  where passion was of vital significance!


There is nothing uncool about wearing protective gears; it just showcases your sense of responsibility!


Princess blabbering something about not crossing lines right after we get to see her with the paramour  under blanket without clothes!!!  


Girls wearing clothes doesn’t infect you with disease! Its plain sensible to wear clothes when its freezing cold (Katrina in London)/ you have landed up in a land which is not habituated to such exposure (Anushka in Kashmir)!

1. Sporting stubble/ beard while holding a post in army under ‘normal’ circumstances!!    2. Age, education nothing can interfere if there is a will.      3. Government is silly screaming about using protective gears like helmet, our hero & heroine can survive without any!    4. A spiritual discovery my petty mind never understood!    5. Wearing clothes is not unfashionable.


 Like Superman, hit into the middle of a  water  body without harming yourself and then get drowned as you decide to swim! Silly excuse for a ‘national- swimming –champion- damsel’ to be saved by ‘knight-in-shining- bike’ ?!


For once am happy that Indian people are so annoyingly ‘nosy’. With our kind of population explosion those poor public telephone booths ought to be spared!


Bombs can be diffused in foreign lands by blabbering jargons without confirming your credentials!


A pair of hardcore Indian parents cannot have a white European baby, who grows up to be as desi as her biological parents . Its plain impossible unless there was some medical secret involved!


Dear Mr. Khan, please take note of my personal grievance, stop going for a girl who is already engaged/ seeing/ loves someone else. Since your Deewana days (barring Chak De)you have done so, how about a bit of change?

6. National swimming champion who is well versed in drowning.   7. Busy Europeans, cozy Indians inside the booth!     8. Speak jargon, fool everyone.     9. Desi parents, firang baby!

[After deciding not to watch it, finally watched it yesday just  to hear the swan song of the legendary Yash Chopra . Yashji dint , but the film disappointed. Am I too harsh with the movie?]

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

© Cinejuana

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