Bollywood’s Raanjhanaa: Demented Romance!

 Raanjhanaa (2013), also released in Tamil as “Ambikapathy”, is a Bollywood saga of creepy stalkers, suicidal deranged, obsessed masochists, religious deceptions, political spoofs,  misrepresented spirits…phew how much more can a story have!!  Of course,  in between there are those graceful moments of A. R. Rahman music, stellar performances and delights of small town romance  .



Somewhere somersaulting between being slapped/spitted and attempting suicides, Raanjhanaa Dhanush  finally manages to rest in peace by a police bullet. Damn you  Dhanush, for glamouring punishable criminal offences-stalking and attempting suicide


Can someone explain this obsession with masochism in  Raanjhanaa ?   Sonam Kapoor indulges in slapping spree, Dhanush goes around verbally and physically degrading Swara Bhaskar and Swara Bhaskar of course launches her own ego nihilation campaign! bollywoods-raanjhanaa-demented-romance/   , Raanjhanaa, Cinejuana, Romance,  "Ambikapathy", Rajnikant, suicide, wrist slitting, slapping

Bollywood’s Raanjhanaa: Demented Romance!

Assuming our hot Raanjhanaa, Sonam Kapoor , was not suffering from serious amnesia can anyone please tell me how to genuinely wipe someone out of memory who has been kind enough to stalk you endlessly, routinely enjoyed your abuse, got you hostel-ed and had also conducted a wrist slitting show?!


Changing a diaper would appear to be  more complicated a task in comparison to the ‘serious’ politics that Raanjhanaa showcases ! Yes, use naive reason to negotiate the life of a police officer,  shoot a budding politician in broad day light and prattle about germination of thieves , wish life was that easy ! Pssstt…if nothing works use your native language to negotiate .


Love is beyond reason…
  • and that is why I am not asking why Sonam Kapoor’s parents decided to sent her off to Aligarh all alone especially when it was supposed to be a punitive journey;
  • why is the basic background check of politico RaanjhanaaAbhay Deol ) thought unessential ;
  • why Dhanush could not manage to get the name of his neighbourhood-love after so many years of stalking;
  • why Sonam Kapoor’s parents who were so over-reactive to her falling in love, did not mind her admission to a ‘liberal’ campus like Jawahrlal Nehru University.
  • as per Article 84 (b) of Constitution of India  minimum age for becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha or Assembly election is 25, since Sonam Kapoor is 21/22 (as she herself says)  how is she the party face;
  • who was sponsoring the ‘independent’ party expenses … 
Have you watched Raanjhanaa? Share your views please.

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

© Cinejuana

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6 Responses to Bollywood’s Raanjhanaa: Demented Romance!

  1. Ships says:

    I felt the same. I did not understand why people were going gaga over the movie. Personally I felt that Dhanush was a clever casting. I can see a trend emerge in cinema these days. Since the old formulas are not working anymore, they are now cashing on the north-south divide which is suddenly becoming more apparent than it was before of course for business reasons. I never sympathized with Kundan,he never was charming for me or made me want to fall in love with him. I wanted to slap him whenever he showed his antics. I was more angry with Zoya, who is supposedly an educated woman as opposed to literate but uneducated Kundan for encouraging him. People have argued that it is just a film and no one is going to take lessons from it but it would be a foolish enough assumption that you can actually keep young impressionable minds from thinking that if you want a girl, you just need to convince her as her NO is never a NO. For me this film was an irresponsible but a wannabe attempt to be different.

  2. cinejuana says:

    *same pinch* on the disappointment note!
    Even ‘educated’ people consider it to be a benchmark work and are going gaga over the depiction of ‘passion’ and ‘consistency of love’. You are the only soul who has been openly so critical about the movie. In fact, critics have been very generous with the film’s review , no one (not even lord ) can save this Bolly-land!

  3. Ships says:

    I sometimes think the critics have lost their sense of judgement. I agree that the characters were flawed and it was necessary as the director had to keep it real, but what I never understood was, how did he manage to justify that the obsessive-compulsive man’s behaviour was relevant on grounds of unrequited love while portraying the not so innocent and equally guilty zoya a villan.

    • cinejuana says:

      Not just the flawed characterization, but the narrative (screenplay + story) itself was extremely carelessly drafted, it was full of loopholes, taking away the charm of film viewing (like I have already mentioned). Moreover, I had extreme trouble accepting the kind of depiction Jawaharlal Nehru University has met with in Raanjhanaa (that is another story though!) 😉 Even the world of fiction adheres to some kind of logical structure, Raanjhanaa had none! Had it not been the performances, music and partly cinematography (editing was nothing worth mentioning, I would have cut short the movie by at least another 20 mins!) I would have really left the movie mid way!

      • Ships says:

        Lol i cringed at that one too… if they think.. let them think.. atleast they are thinking and reasoning unlike others who dont even bother. Dunno where is cinema heading. I need intelligent scripts… like actually intelligent… maybe get a JNU pass out to write one. 😛

      • cinejuana says:

        Hahahha…Cinema is doing fine for itself, after all we had films like Kahaani, Ganngs of Wasseypur, Paan Singh Tomar, VickyDonor, Oh My God, Sahib Biwiw aur Gangster etc. which are great efforts! I am an eternal optimist,though I love scanning till the last layer of the screen time 😉

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