Bollywood’s Raanjhanaa: Demented Romance!

 Raanjhanaa (2013), also released in Tamil as “Ambikapathy”, is a Bollywood saga of creepy stalkers, suicidal deranged, obsessed masochists, religious deceptions, political spoofs,  misrepresented spirits…phew how much more can a story have!!  Of course,  in between there are those graceful moments of A. R. Rahman music, stellar performances and delights of small town romance  .



Somewhere somersaulting between being slapped/spitted and attempting suicides, Raanjhanaa Dhanush  finally manages to rest in peace by a police bullet. Damn you  Dhanush, for glamouring punishable criminal offences-stalking and attempting suicide


Can someone explain this obsession with masochism in  Raanjhanaa ?   Sonam Kapoor indulges in slapping spree, Dhanush goes around verbally and physically degrading Swara Bhaskar and Swara Bhaskar of course launches her own ego nihilation campaign! bollywoods-raanjhanaa-demented-romance/   , Raanjhanaa, Cinejuana, Romance,  "Ambikapathy", Rajnikant, suicide, wrist slitting, slapping

Bollywood’s Raanjhanaa: Demented Romance!

Assuming our hot Raanjhanaa, Sonam Kapoor , was not suffering from serious amnesia can anyone please tell me how to genuinely wipe someone out of memory who has been kind enough to stalk you endlessly, routinely enjoyed your abuse, got you hostel-ed and had also conducted a wrist slitting show?!


Changing a diaper would appear to be  more complicated a task in comparison to the ‘serious’ politics that Raanjhanaa showcases ! Yes, use naive reason to negotiate the life of a police officer,  shoot a budding politician in broad day light and prattle about germination of thieves , wish life was that easy ! Pssstt…if nothing works use your native language to negotiate .


Love is beyond reason…
  • and that is why I am not asking why Sonam Kapoor’s parents decided to sent her off to Aligarh all alone especially when it was supposed to be a punitive journey;
  • why is the basic background check of politico RaanjhanaaAbhay Deol ) thought unessential ;
  • why Dhanush could not manage to get the name of his neighbourhood-love after so many years of stalking;
  • why Sonam Kapoor’s parents who were so over-reactive to her falling in love, did not mind her admission to a ‘liberal’ campus like Jawahrlal Nehru University.
  • as per Article 84 (b) of Constitution of India  minimum age for becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha or Assembly election is 25, since Sonam Kapoor is 21/22 (as she herself says)  how is she the party face;
  • who was sponsoring the ‘independent’ party expenses … 
Have you watched Raanjhanaa? Share your views please.

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

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Bollywood Fathers : Happy Father’s Day!

Ya, I know I am bit late in posting this…but everyday is Father’s Day so lets try and decode a few father-son / father-daughter  relationships as one comes across in Bollywood and cheers to ”Pitaji Diwas” 😉
Here goes my favourite 5  adorable, authoritative, loving, strong , vulnerable, dictator, inspirational fathers of Hindi films/Bollywood who  have bedazzled the screen every time they have made an appearance.

#1 Prithviraj Kapoor (Mughal-e-Azam, 1960/2004*), cinejuana, Father's Day, Hindi Film, Bollywood, Prithviraj Kapoor , Mughal-e-Azam, 1960, 2004, father-son
The father of all the father‘s! Emperor Akbar‘s Bollywood counterpart Prithviraj Kapoor! My favourite ‘Father’s Day‘ material! This father-son relationship takes an epic twist when Kapoor , the father,goes out of his way to weed out the lovey-dovey romantic sapling growing in his own backyard- Salim andAnarkali! 
* Mughal-e-Azam was theatrically re-released in coloured version in the year  2004.

#2  Anupam Kher (Saaransh ,1984), cinejuana,  Father's Day, Hindi Film, Bollywood, Anupam Kher, Saaransh, father-son
An inspirational contender for the Father’s Day list.  ‘B.V. Pradhan’s’ (Anupam Kher)  father-son  story comes with a note of caution (from me ;)) : Never take an old, helpless, caring , principled,  vulnerable father at his face value  especially if he is strong enough to fight for the rights of  others and refuses to explain his motive behind it!

#3 Amrish Puri (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, 1995), cinejuana, Amrish Puri ,  1995, Father's Day, Bollywood, Hindi Film,  father-daughter
 If the colour grey had a human birth it had to be called Amrish “Baldev” Puri!  Puri appears as an over protective father in one of the most entertaining father-daughter stories of Bollywood. This repulsive yet attractive father  unintentionally turns in to one hedgehog in his own daughter‘s love story! 

#4   Anupam Kher (Daddy, 1989), cinejuana, Anupam Kher ,Daddy, 1989, Bollywood, Hindi Film, Father's Day, father-daughter
 Yes,  Kher again on the Father’s Day list!  I understand alcoholic loser fathers are best left behind the social closet. But this ‘Anand’ fellow deserves a mention as a father for coming out gracefully and rehabilitating himself musically to make up for the jeopardy that the father-daughter relation was threatened with.
 #5 Mehmood (Kunwara Baap,1974), cinejuana, Mehmood , Kunwara Baap,1974, Bollywood, Father's Day, Hindi Cinema, step father
 Mehmood’s brush with misfortune as a father  in the form of Polio (effecting his son) saw him producing a movie and enlightening the audience as how not to produce a generation of diseased human species. Another Bollywood saga on father-son  relation where a step-father  doesn’t hesitate to give up on his life for the well being of his adopted son.

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

© Cinejuana 

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Bollywood’s Tale of Caution: Disclaimers & Statutory Warnings !

Bollywood- our adorable Hindi Film Industry– is always hounded by unforeseen forces for all the unexpected reasons and that is why it never shies away from extending a note of explanation or apology before venturing into the mundane storytelling business. Here is a list of oft encountered 5 such  Disclaimers and Statutory Warnings .

#1 Pulp Fiction

All the characters and incidents in this film are imaginary, resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental. Bollywood is entangled with these lines! Yet the audience loves to transcend beyond such frivolous disclaimer and succumbs to sobs and snuggles over coke and popcorn! Under special scenarios these generic lines are followed by other cautionary words –  Neither the producer nor the director nor the artists , intend to outrage, insult , wound or hurt any religion or the religious sentiments, beliefs or feelings of any person(s) or class or community.

#2 No Smoking

Even though fiction, Bollywood never have the luxury to take themselves easily. Being the messiah of social decorum  Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and even at times Alcohol consumption is bad for health has to be warned at the slightest pretext .

#3 Tobacco Road

Bollywood’s artistic liberties are curtailed by tobacco troubles and hence, Tobacco use leads to cancer, heart attacks, lung disorders and other deadly disease. The characters shown in this film or programme do not support the use of any type of tobacco product such as Bidi, Cigarette, Kahini, Zarda etc, or their promotion in any manner. 

#4 To Kill a Mockingbird

With PETA, MFA, WSPA etc hovering over your head a ‘Hatthi Mera Saathi’ is a story of distance past. Bollywood  jumps over to claim The film is generated by shooting and computer graphics and no cruelty had been inflicted on the animal during the process of shooting. Even at times mentioning that the onscreen presentation is a result of CFX, VFX and other X, Y, Z’s of techincal knowhow!

#5 Parental Guidance

Well if the parents cannot resist the temptation of having the company of Bollywood that is not so suitable for the kiddos then our Hindi film industry hates being held responsible for such irresponsible parental behaviour and that’s why it screams aloud  : The film has been certified U/A. We advise parental guidance due to violence in the film  (the word violence can be replaced for ‘sexual content’ , ‘inappropriate content’ etc.)
 Can you think of  any other disclaimer/ warnings that appears in movies? Please do share 🙂

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

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Bollywood Un-Mustached: Anil Kapoor Without Mustache !

If  ever a ‘history of mustache‘ was compiled , then Mr. Anil Kapoor would find an entire chapter devoted to him, for his valiant efforts to keep the lush black in vogue and in demand from antiquity to modern times! But on occasions even Bollywood’s mustache-prince has had to sacrifice on his natural accessory  . Here I present the three legendary  onscreen Hindi film appearances which saw Anil Kapoor un-mustached!



#1  Lamhe (1991)

A Yash Chopra love story where the hero seems to live by the diktat  ‘maa-nahi -toh-beti-hi-sahi’ (if not the mother at least the daugther)  saw Anil Kapoor debuting on Bollywood screen without his quintessential mustache! 



#2 Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate (1998)

The swan song of legendary Hrishikesh Mukherjee (yet devoid of his Midas touch) had the Slumdog Millionaire star going muchmunda (without mustache) to enact the role of a wife!

1. Lamhe 2. Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate 3. Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love 4.Slumdog Millionaire

#3 Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love (2007)

In this  plagiarized unabashedly inspired version of  Love Actually (2003)  the married Kapoor  falls for a young butterfly and shaves off his lip bush to impress her.
 Did I leave out any other Hindi film from the list? If so, please let me know. By the way, just noticed that each of these films were commercially unsuccessful!!


Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

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Hollywood Minimal Movie Posters : When Harry Met Sally…

This post  presents my weird and whacky observations of the movie When Harry Met Sally… (1989) *ing Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan  through a minimal movie poster.…arry-met-sally/

When Harry Met Sally!

Let me know what you think of this poster. 

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

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Hollywood Minimal Movie Posters : The Shawshank Redemption

This post presents my weird and whacky observations of the movie  The Shawshank Redemption (1994) through a minimal movie poster.…ank-redemption/ ‎

The Shawshank Redemption!

Do you like this poster? Share your opinion 🙂

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

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Bollywood Minimal Movie Posters : Dabangg

This post  presents my weird and whacky observations of the movie  Dabangg (2010)  through a minimal movie poster.…osters-dabangg/


Have you watched both Dabangg 1 and 2? Which one did you like?

Please feel free to lash out or appreciate.

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